Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{WWRW} Sisters Eight

It's been a while since I've linked up with the wonderful Jessica over at HousewifeSpice for an installment of What We're Reading Wednesday.

Annie’s AdventuresMostly because I haven't been reading....or what I have been reading has been work documents, and there's just no amusement for the masses in me sharing about a new employee, confidentiality of the clients, and all.

With working more, it also seems to be stretching my time with the girls.  I've been working mostly during afternoon nap time, while LB does school work or chores.  Well, LB came home from a library trip with Hubby this week with a favorite book of ours.  She suggested we read it together.  Mostly, she's been reading it to me, which is great for her read-a-loud practice.  It's also been a nice way to spend a little more quality time together while I've been working more.

We've read some of the books before, it's been a while, so LB suggested we start back at Book 1.  So, we're re-reading Annie's Adventures.

The story is about a set of eight sisters (octuplets) who find themselves mysteriously alone.  Their parents vanish and the girls discover mysterious notes about special gifts and talents they possess, and that only by unlocking them can they discover what has happened to their parents.

Each girl gets her own book dedicated to her discovery of powers and it goes in order of birth (although they're each only separated by one minute).  Each girl also has her own cat, and the house includes quirks, such as a cleaning robot and  a hair cutting machine.

We love these books.  I'm so glad that LB brought these books home from the library.  We only got through #6 last time, and I'm looking forward to discovering what actually happened to their parents.  I have no perceived dignity that makes it hard for me to admit that I'm eagerly awaiting the answer, probably at least as much as LB. 

Stop by Jessica's for more reads you should check out.

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