Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Story: 10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, something new was made.  With family and friends looking on, two became one.

I cried my whole way through my vows.  When I listened to the video later, it sounded like I was laughing.....

My father, a deacon in the Catholic Church, officiated the wedding.

....after he walked me down the aisle :)

I was so excited to walk down that aisle.

...and even more excited to be married.

We were surrounded by family and friends.

....and my brothers took good care of tradition.

There have been difficult days, months, and even years.  We have been stretched past the breaking point more than once, with only that promise we made keeping things together.  But the hard-earned truth I have learned is that the better is better when you've made it through the worse together.

This is our life.  One or both of us could have thrown in the towel more than once.  But, we promised not to.  We made more than a contract, we made a covenant.  We celebrated a sacrament.  An oath that we will live out the rest of our lives.  And our lives are better for the covenant.  We've built everything together.

We married young-ish.  I was 22, Hubby was 26.  We didn't wait until we'd established careers or had a house.  We moved in together after we got back from the honeymoon.

Everything we have, we've done together.  Our house.

Our children.

Our love.

Marriage can be hard.  But it's worth fighting for.  Because it is so good.  Forming a life from the ground up together is so good.  Raising beautiful, crazy, sarcastic, creative children together is so good.

Ten years ago, I made a good choice.  Every day, I get up in the morning and try to make good on that choice.  I choose to love and serve, honor and obey.  Not so simple, but oh so beautiful.  

A few days ago, I linked up with Kendra for Answer Me This.  The question about the piece of random advice got me thinking about wedding advice.

My mom's marriage advice:  Never marry someone who you don't want to have kids just like.

My dad's marriage advice:  Pick a winner and then be his cheerleader.  (He followed that up with, you've picked a winner, now just be his cheerleader.)

I believe, from many I've talked to lately, that marriage is under attack.  Everyday and big stresses seem to be directly attacking the framework of our lives.  Evil seeks to destroy what is good and many of us have felt that friction and pressure in our marriages of late.  Those little annoyances (or big stresses) are turning us against each other, when really, we should be striving even more to unite in those moments.

The first step in battle is to know your enemy.  Look at your beloved.  He is not the enemy.  That division comes from within your heart.  That anger boiling inside you may indeed be righteous, but pray for compassion.  Acknowledge your own failings.  Forgive wrongs done against you.  In all things, pray.  If you have only anger to offer up, offer up your anger.  Dwija shared many beautiful and heartbreaking stories of those who could use our prayers right now.

As we look forward to the Resurrection with great expectation, take a moment to thank God for not only the greatest blessing of His Only Son, but for the beautiful wisdom and planning for our sanctification through our spouses.  That guy snoring and keeping you awake?  He's your road to Heaven.  Tread lightly and with love.

To my husband on our anniversary,

I'm glad it's you.  I'm so glad I said "yes", and then "I do".  I'm so glad you've never quit on me when I've been more than anyone should have to tolerate.  And I'm glad I haven't quit on you when you've been the same.  I'm glad this is what my life looks like, and it's exciting to know we have, God willing, so many more years ahead of us to keep writing this story.

That cliched meme is right, of all the love stories, ours is my favorite.  Because it's real, it's us, and no one could write it but you and me.


Your wife


  1. Congratulations that is a big deal in today's world!

  2. Well, you brought me to tears again. Beautiful words, friend. Happy anniversary to you both. Keep making good on that choice, because you're making the world a better place for it.

    1. Just here to make you cry Micaela :) Seriously - thanks so much for the well wishes!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos and thoughts about marriage. Ten years is a big accomplishment, and so is your beautiful family!

  4. OH MY GOSH I'M CRYING. Annie, this is so beautiful. Thank you for being a beautiful witness to marriage! Thank you for not sugarcoating it either ;) Truly beautiful. Thank you. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jenna! Marriage is the best, most worthwhile kind of hard :)

  5. Love you! So beautiful and so true!

  6. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful witness to the sacrament of marriage. Thank you for sharing your story!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on ten years! A whole decade... The two of you make a beautiful couple!!!


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