Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Thankful - If a Little Cranky

I've really been struggling this week.  I'm 3 blood draws in, with about a half dozen to go.  These blood draws will serve to map out all my hormones and be evaluated by the Creighton doctors for hormonal imbalances.  The hope is that any imbalances can then be corrected and I'll be in a place of normal fertility and then babies!

Over the last two weeks of appointments, prescriptions, and now blood draws, I've recognized in myself that I'm on edge; cranky to be honest......witchy to be even more honest.

I am struggling with the intellectual balance of knowing something as good, and finding joy (or at least peace) in carrying it out.  I'm just in a bad mood.....constantly.  The blood draws are tedious, the taking of daily prescriptions and supplements is annoying; I'm just aggravated. 

I recognize the potential for great good in these actions, but I'm just so worn thin.  After seven years of low fertility and loss, I'm so tired of swimming upstream.  Yet, every time I think to quit kicking, I remember something Fulton Sheen said, "dead bodies float downstream".

So, as I struggle to embrace a swim upstream, I wanted to share some moments I'm thankful for.  We finally had a break in the weather and March went out like a lamb yesterday (we're back to cold today, April Fool's from Mother Nature!).

My jog yesterday:

Short sleeves!

My running path - the local college two blocks away

I ran up here - this picture was really just so I could catch my breath

See, that's why I was breathing hard - 5 stories!

A much better view than city streets

Is there a planetarium on your route?

How about a giant uphill bridge?

I love to be outside when the weather is nice.  It was so wonderful to spend some time outside.  It was balm for my crabby soul.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run!! Being outside in balm for my soul as well!

  2. Replies
    1. One of the perks of living by a college campus - maintained running trails :)

  3. It's odd, but your photos remind me of the college one of my sons attended - in Southern California! I know that's not where you are, and I'd sure like to know which college that is that your photos are from.

    1. Haha! Nope, definitely not SoCal! It's Augustana College.


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