Monday, December 2, 2013

Reviewing My Loot - MJ Project DIY

Last month, I won this Project DIY box:

In a raffle over at Call Her Happy.  I was super excited to win and Little Bean helped me with my creations.

Here's what our final projects looked like:

So, here are my thoughts:

This was a great activity for Little Bean and I to do together.  As our family changes with Sweet Baby moving on, little things like this are a blessing; a simple way to spend time with Little Bean without having to leave the house or interrupt Sweet Pea's nap time.  I think I need more little moments like this in my days with Little Bean.  So much of our day together seems to be an ongoing list of what she needs to accomplish for schooling and chores.

The pieces felt a little too tough for my everyday wear, so maybe we'll give them as gifts, not sure yet.
I'm considering having Little Bean do a jewelry unit study next semester since she liked it so much.  Maybe we'll get a few months worth of boxes for some fun time together.

Right now, it's Cyber Monday, and I was happy to discover when I clicked over to Project DIY to add the link that they're having a half off the first month's box today, so that's one more reason to give it a go :)

These projects could be simplified or fancified to meet the level of the crafter.  I was overall pleased with the projects and Little Bean covets the cuff, so that may be in her stocking :)

I've ordered my December box and may get a few more if it proves to be a good bonding experience again.


  1. Love that you could do this with your gal! I can't wait for those days. And, you did an awesome job - if you end up doing more, let me see pics!

    1. I ordered a box for December, it'll go in Little Bean's stocking :) Today it was only $15 for the box, so it's worth it for sure!


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