Monday, December 9, 2013

Why I Love My Husband vol. 2

Linking to More Like Mary, More Like Me for another installment of Why I Love My Husband.

Here's the premise:  The purpose is to rejoice in the special and wonderful things our husbands do for us, to give them a much needed pat on the back, and to brag about how great our "other half" really is. Save the negative stuff for a priest or trusted friend-not a ladies night out.

 Right now I really should be working.  I've been working all's what I look like when I've actually gotten dressed for a web meeting:

Totally wearing yoga pants....

The rest of the time, I'm probably wearing pajamas or yoga pants, my standard issue mom gear.

So, as I've been working over the last few hours, here's what my husband has been up to on his day off (he has a Sunday-Monday weekend).  First, he started with shoveling again, because it snowed since he did it yesterday.  Currently, he's been spending the better part of the morning moving things around the basement that I'm refinishing so I can paint that part of the floor.

I asked him to move the furniture.  Much of it is bulky and heavy and I'm really more the finishing worker than the mule.  He did this quickly and without complaint. 

I was planning on having to spend my entire afternoon scraping the basement floor to prepare it for paint.  Just a few minutes ago, I heard the scrapers start.  I'm not downstairs.  I'm not scraping it, I'm up here taking a break from work to tell you, my husband is awesome.

So, after working all week, shoveling the walk and moving furniture, he's taking a little more of the load off my shoulders.  Because that's just the kind of guy he is.  It wasn't his hare brained scheme to redo the entire basement, even. 

One step closer to a rec room - siblings prepare yourselves for some game nights in the near future!

Soon the rest of the basement will be sealed and painted - next step - sub-floor!


I welcome positive, supportive sharing in this community. God bless!