Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

First, if you found this, presumably you could read the print on the back of the Christmas card (or you found me online).  The printer I used usually does a great job, but I was disappointed with how the cards turned out on the backside.  Since I procrastinated, I didn't have time to do anything but send them out.  I'll have to wait until Monday to call their customer service and let them know quality wasn't quite so controlled.

Here's what the back should have looked like: 

2013 Year in Review:

Our 9th anniversary - April 17th
Little Bean's First Holy Communion - May 5th
Sweet Pea turned 1 - June 6th
Little Bean turned 8 - July 1st
Sweet Baby turned 2 - July 16th
Sweet Baby goes to live with her bio dad - December 20th

Thank you for all the prayers and love this year.  We are so very blessed.

Truly, truly, for every hard moment this year, there have been beautiful, sweet and precious ones to fill us.

Here are some of the highlights from our year:

Little Bean took dance

Sweet Pea learned to crawl

Learning about snow

And loved it!

The original snow fan in our house

Lots of snuggles with Sweet Pea

An Easter Egg Hunt!

In our Easter clothes :)

Little Bean was in a school play

And made her First Holy Communion

With her Papa, a deacon

With her godparents

Papa administered her First Holy Communion

Had a family reunion in June

The whole clan

Sweet Pea fell in love with books

And learned to walk

Little Bean turned 8

We returned to homeschooling

We watched a lot of football games

Little Bean is nearly as tall as me!

We started remodeling our basement

One little bit at a time

Hubby is trying to get Sweet Pea to go on the potty...I'm in no rush :)

Little Bean seems to always have a book in hand

Sweet Pea got enough hair for a little ponytail

We had our share of germs

Sweet Pea wrote a letter to Santa

Little Bean mailing off her letter to Santa

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!


  1. Awesome pictures, beautiful family! Your Sweet Pea is a cutie pie. And Little Bean looked like an absolute angel for her First Holy Communion. What a lovely dress and veil.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Thank you! The dress was the flowergirl dress from my wedding and I made the veil. Merry Christmas to you as well!


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