Thursday, January 2, 2014

{Theme Thursday} Ridiculous

It's Thursday.....or so they tell me.  I'm among the ranks of thoroughly muddled mothers trying to figure out how to recover home and habit from weeks of holiday revelries.  Linking up with Clan Donaldson for a Theme Thursday:  Ridiculous.  Since we're being ridiculous, here's a ridiculous number of pictures from our Christmas.

Happy New Year!

St. Nicholas Day

How did he know she wanted press on nails?

A Christmas outfit I never got around to photographing Sweet Pea in

December 15th - Special Christmas Party for Sweet Baby before she left on December 20th
All my favorite people

Sweet Baby with my brother

With one of my sister-in-laws and my oldest nephew

My godmother made her new slippers

She loved opening presents

This is so them

With both babies

Christmas festivities
Excited to open

Trying to get Sweet Pea excited

A rare picture of me from Christmas - with Little Bean, the Christmas musician

Yes, she does live on cheese

Wet onesie competition

Trying to tell us it's time to go

Christmas morning at our house

There's no prettying up before presents

Matching shirts

I can't imagine what princess was mad about

She got everything she wanted; pretend food and puzzles :)
And that's just the quarter of pictures I'm going to subject you to.  Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.  Prayers for a beautiful New Year.


  1. Such a happy Christmas! It's great you were able to get so many pictures, I get caught in the chaos and forget the camera somewhere.

  2. I think that if there is ever a time to have a ridiculous amount of pictures on your blog, Christmas is that time!

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, so inspiring you are.

  4. Wet onesie competition! Hahahahaha!

    So happy to see photos of Sweet Baby. Praying for you.

    1. The photo credit for that one goes to hubby :) thanks for your prayers!

  5. I love it when something makes me do a literal LOL. Maybe that should be a thing. LLOL. So the first annual LLOL award goes to the wet onsie competition picture. Love it!

    1. Excellent! I accept the award, but unfortunately left my acceptance speech in my formal attire.....which hasn't seen the light of day in sone time :)


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