Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{WWRW} Island of Fog

Linking up with Jessica for What We're Reading Wednesday, where you can see my tastes vary from medical texts to children/tween literature.

Today it's tween literature. We got a tablet for Christmas, and a week or so ago, I started looking for Kindle downloads for Little Bean.  I always start with the free books and work my way up.  Well, this book looked promising and is zero dollars on Amazon right now, so I added it to the Kindle library.

After a certain author included a theme in his latest book that I felt inappropriate for Little Bean, I've been more wary of new books, which is probably for the good.  So, before letting her read a book that Amazon labeled as good for 6-9 year-olds, I decided a little vetting was in order.

This book takes place in a post-apocalyptic world.  Out There is mysteriously tainted with a virus that will not die.  A handful of families are now living on an Island of Fog, protected from out there, but isolated and living completely off the land.  Each family has one child....and it is those children that provide the mystery and plot for the story. 

It was a good read.  It's only a couple hundred pages, so it's a relatively short read compared to some YA tomes.  I'll be letting Little Bean read it.  There was some mention of a breeding program in relation to the children (ie, they were the product of), but it is a passing mention and in no way goes into any of the details that would surround such a program (except to say that the process was randomized regarding magical abilities). 

It was a good enough book that I think I'll be looking for the next one at the library...perhaps after the list of suggestions I ordered through the library after last week's reviews.

Looking forward to reading about what everyone else has read!  Stop by Jessica's to find out all the books that should be on your list!


  1. What! A free book that's worth my time? I did not know they existed! Going to the Amazon page now...

    1. While it's no Shakespeare, I'm a sucker for a little magic and suspense....and free is my favorite price :)


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