Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Beginning of Creighton

Last night marked the beginning of learning our third (that's right, THIRD) NFP model. 

When we were newly engaged, we learned the Sympto-Thermal method (temps and symptoms, as the name suggests).  When we were TTC after Little Bean, we learned the Billings Method (no temps, based on observations). 

Well, feeling like NFP flunkies, we made the 3 hour round-trip to start learning yet another way to track my sub-fertile self.  For those who might be interested, here are my take-aways:

  • Relieved I don't have to wake up at the same time every day to take my temp.  Those two mornings I get up at 5:15 would've meant a whole week of 5:15.....no thanks.  Delighted to discover no temp taking in Creighton.
  • If you've learned Billings, the first session of Creighton is going to be A LOT of review.
  • If you don't vibe with your teacher, find a new one.  Luckily, I felt that connection with our teacher from the moment she opened the door....you want someone you feel a certain level of comfort with if you're going to have such personal and candid conversations, for sure.
  • We need a ton more Creighton teachers.....I shouldn't have to drive 90 miles four more times in the next 8 weeks just to find a teacher.  Anyone?  Anyone?  They prefer those with a nursing degree already, so, who's ready?!?!?
  • They should tell you when you schedule that there's a month of abstinence when you first start charting, just saying, it's a good fact to get out of the way up front.
  • That 76% effective statistic in helping infertile/subfertile couples achieve pregnancy (in combination with NaPro specialists) is what will keep me driving 3 hours every two weeks.  
Now, before we meet again in two weeks, I have to get my homework done:

I'll keep you updated on what we learn.  Praying for all those mamas expecting or hoping to expect as I offer up our drive especially for them.


  1. Wishing you good thoughts on this journey. We never took Creighton either because the instructors are so far away.

    1. Thanks so much. Maybe someone will be inspired to start in our area :)

  2. Praying that all goes well on this new journey! I have been catching up and reading all your latest posts. After Bella and two miscarriages a friend of mine finally talked me into switching to Creighton's. I was really skeptical since it was only observing mucus and I had such scant amounts. (Sorry if that's TMI!) but we stuck with it, went through numerous tests, changed my diet, went on progesterone etc and it was all worth it when Andrew was finally born. And don't worry about your "advanced" age. LOL. If God wants it to happen. It will. When Andrew was born I was past the dreaded over-the-hill-35. Strangely enough, after his birth my fertility finally normalized and I still manages to have 2 more. (I was medically "ancient" when I had Matthew. LOL!) But seriously, I'm joking around but my heart and prayers are with you. Hang in there. God will give you the grace to walk this road and He has a plan for you, even if you don't understand it yet. (Funny, those are the same words I am telling myself with Brian's cancer. So I don't mean to sound trite. I too am struggling with my own cross but trying to trust.) xoxo :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind words (and, no, not TMI - sharing our personal experiences is half the joy/learning of the blogosphere). I will keep Brian in my prayers as well.


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