Wednesday, December 4, 2013

{WWRW} Tabitha's Travels

Linking up with Housewife Spice for What We're Reading Wednesday - Advent/Christmas edition.

This Advent, I'm working on doing less.  I have sworn off a Pinterest-worthy Advent.  It is just not going to happen this year.  I didn't pull out the Jesse tree and hunt for all the handmade ornaments that are packed who knows where.  I haven't gotten any decorations out, save our simple Advent wreath and an Advent calendar we picked up at the religious supply store a couple weeks back.  It's a bible verse each day, following the lines of the Jesse tree, but much simpler.

I think it's lovely that so many people are doing such wonderful, joy-filled, and creative activities to celebrate Advent.  I just know I can't take on one. single. extra. thing.  We're going through a bit much this year, and in an effort to not lose sight of the season and my beautiful girls, I'm sticking with simplicity.

See, aren't they cute? :)

Here's what we ARE doing.  We are lighting the Advent wreath.  The girls are eating a chocolate a day from an Advent calendar I got 50% yesterday because Advent had already started.  We are opening one bible verse window each morning, and we are reading one chapter of Tabitha's Travels each evening.

Tabitha's Travels  -     By: Arnold Ytreeide
A couple years ago, we read Jotham's Journey.  The story was the harrowing tale of a young boy, faced with uncertain times as he travels his own unique road to Bethlehem.

Tabitha is a girl he meets upon his travels.  In Tabitha's Travels, the story unfolds about her own unique journey.  Although we've just begun reading Tabitha's Travels, it's the same author as our previous Advent read and I feel confident we'll enjoy the read.

Just a note to sensitive readers; Jotham faces slavery and some unsavory individuals in his path and I think we'll probably encounter similar cruelties in Tabitha's story.  They were a part of the time and the author is clear that Jesus wasn't born into a story, he was born into the real world.  That being said, it is a family story and we read Jotham's Journey when Little Bean was about six and she wasn't overly distressed (I think in part because it ended well and the drama wasn't TOO intense).

I can't wait to see what everyone else is reading - perhaps we'll find another small thing we can add to our simple Advent this year :)

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