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{WWRW} {7 Days 7 Blogs - Day 3} and Prayers Help

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This is also Day 3 of 7 Days 7 Blogs with Conversion Diary

So, what I'm reading.  This week, I'm reading the September book for my homeschool mom's book club.  First, can I say I just love having other people suggest books.  I didn't even know Princess K was due this week, let alone when she gave birth until my Facebook feed blew up.  I'm not what you would call, "up on current events", but I can tell you with a great sense of accomplishment that I just finished cleaning the girls' room.  Three of them in 8x12 and I organized all the clothes for two growing babies and an 8 y/o with enough clothes that I think she might be twins. 

Welp, before I dig into the first of the books, here's the great list that the homeschool moms put together:

September: Crossing the Tiber by Stephen K. Ray
Product DetailsOctober: My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell
November: Surrender by Carmen Marcoux
December: The One Thing is Three by Father Michael Gaitley
January: Poor Banished Children by Fiorella De Maria
I'm just getting into the book and it's a slow starter.  It's the story of a pastor's conversion to the Catholic Church.  His entire family also converted with him.  It starts in the same way as many conversion stories, with a description of the author's upbringing and how dear they held their previous faith.  I've just gotten to where he's starting to compare what he's been taught with where it actually lines up in teaching.  There have been a couple interesting points on how the doctrine of sola scriptura (scripture alone) isn't itself listed in the bible.  I think "looking forward" to reading more would maybe be too strong right now.  I'm interested to see what other gems I can pick out of it and I'm open to falling madly in love with it, but have yet to be swept off my feet.
I did cheat a little bit and read Kisses from Katie first - I fell madly in love with that book - so inspiring and her struggle over losing one of her children resonates closely with my current deal.  Because I'm a bit book ADHD, Heaven's Song is currently on my treadmill, to be read while walking on incline and Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light is in my car in case I need a book and am stuck waiting somewhere.

A benefit to following this 7 Blogs in 7 Days is that there's a lot of content to read from people I enjoy reading.  I stopped by Call Her Happy and loved what I heard/read.  It got me thinking about what helps when the world gets pulled out from under you.  How you can get back to a place of hope.  It was so insightful that you should really go visit Call Her Happy and check out the full story.  It really got me thinking about what helped when I lost Mara and just wanted to lay in bed and cry.  

So, here's what helped:  

1.  Watching LB so I could rest for a few days (thanks Mom and Dad - and sisters!)
2.  Bringing food so my family could eat when I barely had the energy for a shower (thanks friends!)
3.  Cards with mass intentions for our sweet lost little one (again, shout out to some amazing friends)
4.  Hugs, hugs helped
5.  Talking about it
6.  Talking about something else
7.  Words of encouragement and kindness

There were so many meaningful, tangible encounters, but the grace during this time was HUGE.  Looking back, it was an eery realization that hubby and I had weathered a storm that easily could have ripped us apart, had it not been for the shower of grace constantly pouring down on us.  I'm an ugly, angry griever.  Not the sweet, broken flower, wafting out fragrance and tragedy; more like that angry wasp you almost stepped on that will now sting you repeatedly.  Looking back on where I was then and where I am now, I can see for certain that God is working on me.  Going through this process of losing SB, hubby and I are able to share much more of what we're going through with each other.  In everything a lesson, I suppose.  

As the meals were eaten and the words became fewer as we all tried to move past it, the prayers were really the sustenance.  So, as we pray for our friends, "real" or "web", from the other side of a heartache, I just want to say, do not stop praying, and as Call Her Happy said, let's be there carrying on the work of the world, ready when those who are grieving are ready to join us.  

In all things pray and know that those prayers are felt.  As we work through losing SB, I am reminded of the solace once again that is found in the Body of Christ.  Thank you God for your living, breathing Church.  Thank you for a faith-filled prayerful people.  Help me to find your grace and presence in every struggle.  Let the moments of despair not fill and taint my faith in your ever-lasting love and promises. 

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