Thursday, July 11, 2013

Theme Thursdays: Rooms

Linking up with Clan Donaldson again.

This week's Theme Thursday is Rooms.  For anyone who wants to follow along, here are the upcoming themes:

I decided to use my kitchen.  My kitchen is a multi-purpose room that is NEVER fully clean.  There's too much stuff crammed into that tiny space.  In fact, once we finish fixing up our attic (the current in a list of home renovations), the kitchen will be the next target to tackle.

We need more cabinets, we need a dishwasher, the list goes on....actually, we don't NEED any of those things, or we wouldn't have survived the last 7 years here.

As I was discussing with my mother a few days ago, we NEED much less than we think.  Still, I'm looking forward to a few more cabinets and a dishwasher.  In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, my kitchen:

Note the two wall colors - in the middle of painting this room gray/blue - and pile of stuff on top of the fridge (that will go in a cupboard - once I get a cupboard up there!)

Poptarts, cookbook, other sundry belongings....looks about right

Still an absolutely functional space

Making delicious blueberry lime jam
Yes, I obviously have more than I "need" :)
 Incidently, the Blueberry Lime Jam from the Ball Blue Book of Preserving is amazing!


  1. Mmm....blueberry lime jam! Wait - were you talking about rooms? :-) Love it - you make it work and it becomes all you need.

  2. If blueberry lime jam comes from that room I am in. I think we have the same stove/oven. :)

  3. You are wonderful. And blueberry lime jam sounds incredible.

  4. You'll be happy you have this "before" pic someday. Now, I have to go find some jam.

    1. Haha - that's the viewpoint I need, this is just the "before" shot....we're pretty close to an "after" shot of some empty jars though!


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