Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stabbing Myself in the Finger - The Rag Rug

Continuing on with 7 Blogs in 7 Days:  Day 6!

Yesterday, I wrote about the projects I'm working on.  The knit blanket is one of those slow moving projects that I pick up every now and then when I'm watching tv at night.  The ruffle curtain is going to take a bit of time, lots and lots of gathering.  The painting is a weekend kind of deal, when hubby is around to keep little people from "painting" the walls, as well.

Most of the day yesterday, I tried to pick up the rag rug when I had a few minutes.  It's the project of focus, for the moment.  After getting to visit with family for dinner, LB spent the night with her cousins, hubby and I put the babies to bed, hubby went out to pray a rosary and eat Mexican food with some other homeschooling Catholic dads and I had a glass of wine (or two), some reality tv on Netflix and a bunch of scrap fabric.....don't be jealous!

The process is to take strips of fabric (I'm using old sheets that were ready for the rag pile), braiding them together, adding new strips to continue braiding, as necessary.  The strips are then hand-sewn on the side that will eventually be the bottom, stitching around to secure the braids into a circle, increasing in size until you either (a) run out of fabric (b) get tired of stabbing yourself in the finger with the needle (c) get it to the size you need/want.  

I'm working on this rag rug to go with the ruffle curtains and redo the girls' room.  I'm imagining this rug will be giant, but in reality, option B is probably going to be my undoing.  I'm willing to buy a few extra sheets from Wally-World to make the rug bigger, but the stabbing myself with the needle as I'm trying to shove the fabric through is getting REALLY old.  I think today includes a trip to the store to get a few thimbles since I seem to have misplaced mine, and that should (hopefully) solve the problem.

Here's a look at the progress so far:

Making progress!

The braided rags

A view of the back, with the offending needle

Have a little friend to pick up the rags and run?  Makes it SO much easier :)

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