Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7 Blogs in 7 Days - Day 1

Linking up with Coversion Diary for a blogging challenge.  The goal is 7 blog posts in 7 days.  Since I spent all of yesterday driving from PA to my pad 800+ miles away, I'll double up today.

Since I was driving yesterday, I think it's fitting I tell you about my drive for yesterday's post.

My brother-in-law got up early on his day off because my tire pressure was wonky.  One of my tires was reading a few psi lower after I aired it up (which I only did because a warning light came on, not car savvy!).  Well, he happens to work at a car dealership, so he got up at the crack of dawn, took my car in, tested all the tires and found......nothing.  He aired all my tires up, brought it back to the house and didn't complain at all.  Brother-in-law of the year contender?  I think so.

So, after my sister's husband made sure we were safe to head out, we packed up and got on the road with 14 hours ahead of us.  The turnpikes through Pennsylvania and Ohio make the drive quicker than it could be, but PA is a little twisty/turny.  About 2 hours into the drive, we had to pull over so LB could throw up.  She was epic in her barfing.  I handed her a plastic grocery bag, she stood in the parking lot holding it, threw up, walked with me through the service station, through the food court in the service station, all the way to the bathroom.  She stopped twice along the way to throw up some more into the bag, without sullying the floor or herself along the way.  Like I said, girl had skills.  So, we finally made it to the bathroom, at which point, she was actually finished throwing up, she used the restroom, we returned to the car and she sat in the front for the rest of PA, with nary a barf along the way. 

She wanted to eat about an hour later, but I made her take a few nibbles and then wait an hour to see if she could handle it.  From there, she was good for the last 12 hours.  She alternated between sitting in the back and helping SP and sitting in the front to reduce some of the motion sickness.  She just threw up that one time to take my mind off the crack in the windshield, anyway.

Yep, about an hour into our adventure, a cargo van flew past us and spit a rock into the windshield, taking a bit of the windshield out and causing a couple spider-cracks to form.  I spent the next hour constantly worried the ENTIRE windshield was going to fall in on me.....I'm a bit dramatic.  But I did watch to see if the cracks were going to get past the spot repair stage. 

About an hour later when LB started hurling, it took my mind off the windshield, a bit.  When we stopped for sick time, I called hubby and had him schedule the windshield repair people for the next morning, when I would be back.  With that done, I just had to drive another 700 miles and hope the windshield stayed intact.  (Mom, I'm being dramatic, it wasn't THAT bad, just a speck.)

Between worrying about LB being sick again and the windshield crack, I just had to stop myself at one point and say a little prayer.  "God, I'm sorry I'm being so neurotic about the windshield.  I know you're watching over us and I know that even if it comes to having to replace the windshield, you're still watching over us.  Thank you for protecting us and I'll try to stop looking over at the crack so I don't get us into a car accident, because I'm pretty sure I'll need more than a new windshield if I don't focus on the road."

With that said, we motored along without further incident.  As I drove along, I thought about one of my sister's in-laws saying they couldn't believe I was driving all that way by myself.  At the time, I thought, it's not really that big of a deal.  But as I was driving, I realized, it's all the what-if's that might make others hesitate.  So many times when I'm home, hubby really shields me from the real world by handling some of those what-if's.  Driving trips are really the only time I practice those muscles, and even then, I've got people to help along the way....and thank goodness we're in the days of cell phones when I could have called road side assistance at any time!

So, I assume a risk when I travel, for sure, but even when things come up, it's good practice for me at problem-solving and I got the amazing bonus of meeting this little guy for the first time too.  Well worth a nick in the windshield and a couple barfs along the way :)

Don't you just want to star at him all day?

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