When Hubby and I got married on April 17, 2004, we planned to have 3-5 children, maybe 6, starting two years after we were married.  By the grace of God and the use of NFP, which allowed the room for God's blessing, we welcomed our first child, Little Bean, via c-section (frank breech) on July 1, 2005....not quite the two years we had talked about.  She cried for six months straight and recovery was difficult from the c-section.  I thought perhaps I'd never be ready for another child.  But, when she was a year, we decided, maybe, just maybe, we could have another one......but God said wait.  We remained open, had testing, even tried fertility-boosting hormones, to no avail.  Five long years, we waited and prayed.  Even our young LB began to petition God for two brothers and two sisters.....her sweet earnest prayers would break my heart many a night.

On February 24, 2010, I discovered I was expecting.  On March 1, 2010, I experienced a near-fatal ectopic rupture.  Prior to this, Hubby and I had discussed adoption or fostering, but after that experience, I really felt called to foster, with the hope that we could eventually adopt through fostering.  It took a year to get licensed.

On July 18, 2011 at 12:35pm, I got a phone call that would change our hearts, and our family.  A newborn girl needed to be picked up from the hospital by 3pm.  I pulled baby clothes and a bassinet out of my attic and prepared to go meet the girl who would steal our hearts and change us.

On April 28, 2013, we found out the little girl we thought we were going to adopt was headed towards "Return Home".

On December 20, 2013, our Sweet Baby will officially no longer live with us.

The highlights of our fostering journey:



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  1. Hello, I came across your blog by some strange fluke. I'm going to enjoy poking around. :) Thanks for writing. A stranger is praying for you and your family today! :)


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