Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bridal Shower and Brisk Run

Finally, I remembered to take many pictures from my week!  We were really busy over the weekend with a 5K run for me and two of my siblings, a fun run for Little Bean and a bridal shower for one of my sisters on Sunday.  Our weekend in pictures:

Before the race

My co-racer after the race

Trying to stay warm inside!

Trying on a leprechaun hat

Ready for racing!

Nearing the finish line!

The finish line

Hamming it up after the race

After the kid run

Showing off her medal

Night out with the girls.....sort of :)

My sister being a good sport

My brother being himself :)

Having a fun night out on the town

And then on to Sunday....


Feathers in the hair

Team working on the craft project

Little Bean working on her own

The cake server we got my sister

The door prize my future s-i-l won

Just us girls

The tall ones have to reach higher, it's only fair :)

The girls and Mom

The other teams working

Little Bean continuing to create her own veil

All the girls, Mom and our soon to be s-i-l

Getting serious

Examining her supplies

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cleaning like a maniac...

So our licensing representative came over last Friday.  She told a story about a woman she had known who was very eager to make sure she got everything perfectly on code, etc.  When the woman got new fish, the rep asked very dead pan, "did you get them vaccinated?".  The woman, of course, was very upset, she hadn't even thought of that!  You might know that fish can't be vaccinated, but I heard this story and thought, "I'm that woman!" 

I wanted to make sure our house was clean for the visit.....not just, hey, make sure you pick up your shoes clean....more like washing things you haven't thought to wash since last Spring clean.  Evidence of my mania:

When I got to washing dishes, I got the table cleaned off.  When I got the table cleaned off, I moved on to the countertops.  When I got the countertops cleaned off, I started on the floor.  When I was washing the floor, I noticed how dirty the front of the cabinets were..........

Little Bean, helpful and eager to clean, decided that she needed to be involved in the floor washing.  I told her she could clean the cabinets while I worked on the floor.  She happily dug in.......and was disappointed when I didn't move the fridge for her to clean behind (promises that she could do it next time I moved the fridge appeased her for now). 

What happened when the licensing rep came over?  She didn't even go in the kitchen.....but hey, my cabinets look great!

This weekend is big excitement.  Race day is Saturday, but my sisters are all going to be in town for one sister's bridal shower Sunday, so this will be an action-packed, sister-filled weekend and I can't wait!