Monday, December 14, 2015

December Tumbling Meet!

Mommy blogging it up in here!

L had another meet this past weekend - so prepare to be inundated with all the pictures!



Monday, December 7, 2015

Cross Stitch Saints: A Review

Items were provided, thoughts are my own.

Nancy from Do Small Things with Love was kind enough to provide LB (10) with a cross stitch saint pattern to review.
L selected Blessed Mother Teresa to cross stitch.  

When we got the package, it included the embroidery floss, all labeled, the pattern, the fabric, and the hoop.

I gave L a few pointers on tightening the hoop and marking each stitch on her pattern as she continued so she wouldn't lose track (I had her poke a hole in the stitches on the pattern after she stitched them on the fabric so she'd know where to pick back up after putting it down for a bit).

Just starting out

About halfway there!

She did it!

In the beginning, L seemed a little overwhelmed at getting started on this project.  However, once she started, she seemed to gain momentum throughout the project.  She would run up to me and show me her progress, she took pride in completing a project on her own.

It was such great practice at following a pattern and the end result is lovely.  

An unintended benefit of this project was that we both had handiwork to do together.  As I sat knitting, she would pick up her cross stitch and we would talk or watch something together.

That alone is worth the purchase.  That slow, quiet time together was so great.  Even more wonderful that we could talk about the saint she was working on.

If you're looking for a little something to tuck into a stocking, I really recommend this for the budding or practiced crafter in your life.  

Check out Nancy's shop.  I think the next thing I want to make is one of the felt alphabet books.  They look perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Talking Fiats: A Conference

About a week back, a friend reached out asking for some logistics support on an event she is working on.

Sometimes the hard parts of infertility seem to pile up in front of me. Then, there are those moments that God shows me the grace. 

When He shows me a way the space He's allowed into my life can be used to serve Him in a way that brings me joy. 

Today, I'm talkin about such joy. 

Women getting together to celebrate, encourage each other, and embrace our unique paths through this great big journey to Heaven. 

Advent helps us remember and focus on the beautiful fiat of Mary....and the miracle and wonder that brought to the world!

Just like Mary, each of us has a fiat. Something God is calling us in to, while giving us the free will to embrace or turn from it. 

It might not come with an angelic apparition, but there's a miracle waiting to be worked in each of us, and today, I'm so excited to announce the event that friend asked me to help with - the Finding Your Fiat Conference. 

Join other women from around the country to laugh, share, party (hello Friday night mixer!), and learn. 

Let's embrace our fiat, and find support in each other along the way!

I hope you can join us.  June 24-25 in Central Illinois.

Check out the Speakers section if you wanna see what's making me excited, throw-uppy nervous, and absolutely thrilled!

Can't wait to see you all this summer.