Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spirit's Prompting

I've been having a lot of dreams lately, or maybe I'm just remembering more of them since I sleep in 1-2 hour increments (so ready for SP to sleep through the night!).  A few nights ago, I had a dream that ended with a friend needing help.  Just as I woke up, I thought to myself that I really did need to do something for this friend, and today was the day.  So, I got into my kitchen and started baking.  I sent her a message that I would have baked goods for her in the afternoon.  My friend was excited to get the food love, and thought that I had coordinated it for the Feast of St. Gerard (patron of pregnant mothers).  Nope, no such organization.

But I think what I lacked in organization I made up for in listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  The neat lining up of everything was very much a God thing, not a me thing.  I tend to have a hard time reaching out to others to offer help.  It's definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.  So, I've been wondering this week, how many times have I thought, "I really should do x for y." and then not done it because it was out of my comfort zone?  How many moments have I missed out on being an ambassador of kindness when I was called?  Something I'm really thinking about this week; am I stepping up to the Spirit's calling?  Big thing or small thing, I can't but feel that I might need to tune my ears a little more carefully.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Picture Day: Part 2

It's been a while, but I said I was going to take more pictures of the girls.  I got all three girls out today, with the help of my husband) for a picture day in some costumes.  The babies I dressed up as baby chicks and I had LB dress the part of farmer to keep in the theme for the pictures....she's thinking of wearing an old flowergirl dress to be a fairy/angel/bride for actual Halloween :)  Once again, I lament that I cannot share SB's pics, but trust me, she was a cutie!

A chick and her farmer

Angry bird

I think this is going to be the official 7 y/o shot that goes on the wall

Just a hardworkin' gal


The New Guy

My youngest sister has a new fella in her life....the four-legged kind.  We all were eager to welcome little Otis into the family and rushed to see him as soon as we could:

Love at first sight

Contentment, thy name is puppy

Not so sure....

Thinking about touching him

Snuggled in for the night
September was a crazy month for us.  It was the first full month of school, included a bout of stomach flu for LB and the fun and whirlwind of two little babies.  Among work assignments, school volunteering, playing with the babies and all the other things going on at our place, I took a week to go south to my brother's house.  My brother and his family live about 1,100 miles southwest of us and are in the process of moving back up north.  I went down to help pack up the house and get it ready for the market.  Not sure how much help I was with SP in tow, but the house should be listed shortly and all the prayers you can spare asking St. Joseph to intercede for a quick sale would be much appreciated by my entire family who has waited nearly 7 years for them to join us back up north.

SP and I stopped at a scenic turnout to nurse :)