Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Every year in our area, there's a local Christmas festival held the week after always strikes me as way too early in the year, but our homeschool group had a field trip, so I was able to take LB to see all the fancy trees and decorations.

LB took lots of pics

One of the two hundred pics she took :)

Posing with the decorations

Hanging out in front of the model train

Stuffed animal tree

Relaxing on the bench

I think this may be our Christmas card :)
Here are some great pics from feeding the geese and visiting the museum.  It's been such a busy month with work that I'll still be catching up - more pics of our latest adventures to follow this weekend!

Feeding the geese

A little exciting....

Rock climbing in CO

Rocking the sunglasses

Learning about water flow and erosion

Checking out meteorites

Posing with the rocks

Taking a phone call from the mine

This is what she looks like as a moose