Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Theme Thursday} Fences {7 in 7}

Continuing with the week where it's hard to blog because there's just so much great to read with 7 blog posts in 7 days....pretty sure all my library books will be due before I've even opened them at this rate.  There are THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY bloggers participating.  Just the 30 I know it's nearly impossible to know what the heck is going on.

Last week, it was a balmy 32 degrees (the wind chill is back down to -22 today) so, linking up with Theme Thursday for a look at fences, with some snow play mixed in:

Sweet Pea looks innocent, but that snow ball has Little Bean's name on it!

Get to work baby!

Notice that lovely gap in the fence?  Yeah, we had a tree taken out over a year ago and haven't put the fence panels back up yet......I hear the frost line is 40 feet down in these parts, so it's going to be a while longer!

Trying to protect herself from the baby bully

Why, yes, that fence does stop abruptly at this end too!

Working together to build a snow fort

And, the piece de resistance!

My little snow princess on her throne....and the fence has not been photo shopped out - just for today's theme!

Kelly was also awesome (every day, but today especially) to bring back Third Person Thursday.  So linking up with her!

"Hell is frozen", she thought.  "It must be cold there, I can't imagine heat being a punishment".  All around the house, the wind whistled.  Gusts tested the strength of every window and door.  

Ceiling fans lay dormant, a remnant of a forgotten time.  The glistening white of past snows had faded to a dirty gray.  All around the ugliness of nature in collision with man showed its filth.  

"This winter will not end.  We are entering a new age.  This is how we live now." she mumbled to herself while scraping the frost from inside the car window.  Pictures of apocalyptic freezes flashed through her mind.  

Annery's skin ached from the cold, the wicked wind biting into her as she navigated the ice field of her sidewalk.  In a final cruel trick, the sun returned to melt the piles of snow, just enough to create a hazard at every step as the melt froze solid each night.

The car started slowly, resisting the call to action, until finally giving way with a sigh.  The engine began its slow, unending battle with the world, fighting to maintain fluids in a liquid state.  Finally, the air blew lukewarm and movement was possible.  

Creeping from its spot, the car struggled through the icy spots of leftover snow.  Annery turned the wheel wide, all thought to lanes of traffic ignored in an effort to get around the banks of snow left in the street by 'clean-up' crews.  

The gauge on the car showed a dreaded state; gas was needed.  Annery grudgingly pulled into the station.  It was not the price she cared about, but the act of standing outside the vehicle.  In front of the sign reading that it was a state law to stay outside while the gas was being dispensed, Annery began to ponder the punishment for breaking this particular law.  "Maybe they keep the prisons warmer than my house", she thought.  "I could probably get a lot of reading done."

With temperatures 60 degrees below normal, Annery decides the punishment might be worth it, just to get out of the wind.  Luckily, the tank is full as she contemplates criminal behavior and she is saved the choice of freedom or warmth.  

Climbing back in the car, she thinks through the list of places she must go that day, and changes her mind.  Nothing needs to happen in this weather.  Perhaps she will never do anything again.  Annery cannot remember sunshine, her backyard seems a useless waste of space.  This is it, the beginning of the new ice age.   Archaeologists someday will look back on this time with fascination, meanwhile Annery's hopes fade like the Matchstick Girl's.

I did get my errands done, but it is truly a brutal winter we're having.  I do have a couple matches in my book, but I'm close to the end of my rope with this winter that's been going since the middle of October 2013.  I know I live in a climate with seasons, but last time I checked, there were four, not one.

Next week is read-all-the-posts-you-missed week, yes?


  1. "This is how we live now." HAHAHAHAHA! Love it! I've thought the same thing at least a million times.When summer finally arrives I will be savoring the hell out of it.

    1. I'm not one to complain about the heat after a normal winter, after this winter, I feel like saving snowballs to throw at people who complain this summer.....maybe not very charitable, but it would be satisfying :)

  2. Ugh. With you! This is like, a never ending winter! I thought we were going to be on the upward swing, temperature-wise... and then the weather channel said the high for Saturday was going to be -4. Negative. Four.

    That can't be considered a high temp.

    1. Oh yuck! -4! I'm with you on the ridiculous "high" temps. So ready for spring to be sprung!

  3. I am laughing as hard as I dare (must not wake babies!!).

    And, yes, to your last sentence. The last 7X7 I delighted in a full reader and cheered people on. I'm participating this go-round, and STARTED the week off with an over-full reader. I'm about ready to complain to Mrs. Fulwiler...

    1. Glad you had a good laugh - not sure I'll ever catch up!

  4. I love your writing style - so vivid!

  5. I'm out of town replying to comments via my phone from my hotel room - but if you click on my profile there's an option to email me. Have a great day!


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