Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Poetry in October: Verse 4

Today is Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day. On March 1, 2010, I suffered a near-fatal ectopic rupture.  After I nearly died, I was stricken that my oldest wouldn't have known me as a person had I died that day. I started blogging to record who I am for her. Along the way, I've found other women struggling under the same struggles and it has been a great blessing. 

Sorrowful Sisters

I found you in my weeping,
I mourned with you as well. 
Bearing the weight together,
The sting of the cross falters. 

My sorrow, my friend,
My cross, my support. 
Alone no more 
In that dark and empty weight. 

My eyes look up to heaven,
Crying for your pain. 
Our children surround us,
Beyond these earthly chains. 

We will rise up to meet them,
We will lift each other there. 
My prayers go with you,
Strengthened by yours. 

Today we weep,
But someday,
We will run with joy. 


  1. As difficult as it is, what a blessing to have others to support u.

    1. Others have been such a blessing in my journey. Not sure how I would have made it without them!


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