Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good Job {TT}

Theme Thursday is back!  Joining Cari for the link-up that was my very first link-up :)

Back in July, I had a good job.  I'm a contractor, so I work from home most of the time.  My work is based on contracts.  Either I have a contract and I'm working furiously, or I'm on the vacation of everyday homeschooling and homemaking.  We eat a lot of stuff I've thrown in the freezer or can get at a takeout window when I'm working.

Sometimes I have to travel for work.  Locations usually include destinations a couple hours from home.  But, in July the job took me slightly further from home.  To GERMANY!

I'm so behind, I just downloaded the photos from my phone and I'll be doing a little photo recap in my Summer Recap series.  Maybe when I'll finally finish my mommy-blogging digital-scrapbooking of our summer before, well next summer :)

Here's a picture from a really good job - a coaching/training job that included a plane ticket to Germany!

Russian Orthodox cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Neroberg
Here's the full story of the cathedral, but the version we got from the tourist trolley (which was such fun!) was that the cathedral was built in memory of Duke Adolf of Nassau's young wife.  They married when Elizabeth was 18, and she and their infant died when Elizabeth was 19 in childbirth.

He was greatly grieved and built this amazing memorial of his love for them.  Those domes?  Yep, they're made of gold.  Long live the love of Adolf and Elizabeth.

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  1. Replies
    1. And the picture doesn't even do it justice! It was on a mountaintop and the domes were so stunning.

  2. Whoa. That is a crazy good job. And a gorgeous cathedral. I can't wait to read all about it!

    1. Yes! It was amazing. Writing it out is on my to do list.

  3. That is beautiful and what a wonderful story too!

  4. Amazing!!!! What a cool trip, glad u could do it for work.

    1. It was by far the coolest place I've ever been sent - middle of nowehere Iowa is usually the destination :)


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