Thursday, October 2, 2014

Poetry in October: Verse 2

Over a year ago, I started working out at an intensity I've never known. The workouts have trimmed my figure and kept the weight gain over losing SB to minimum, but more than that, the gift has been feeling strong and sure in my own skin. 

I'm not a model, but I don't need to be one to feel absolutely fantastic about the power of my body and the challenges I can overcome. 

Dawn of Me

In the stillness I wake,
Before the dawn I go. 
Pushing, turning,
Running, jumping. 

With my body
I beat back the night. 
Straining, surging, flying,

I am not the picture 
The world asks to see. 
But, here I am,
Standing tall. 

I build,
Not berate. 
Not a picture,
A person. 
I am strong. 
I am me. 

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