Monday, October 13, 2014

Poetry in October: Verse 3

Still struggling with infertility, thinking about all the plans I've laid out and watched not come to pass.  These days, I'm working on contentment in the moment.

The Plan

Stuck in yesterday,
Stuck in tomorrow.
Never living where I am.

Today I am infertile,
Today I am unknown.

Today I am strong,
Today I am reaching.

Today I am,
Tomorrow I am not.

If only I had,
If only I could.

If only I did,
If only I would.

The plan is wrong,
The plan is faulty.

Waiting on tomorrow to begin,
Wishing it was yesterday.

This wasn't the plan,
But here I am.


  1. My heart aches as you share this journey with us. I'm so sorry for all the dreams you have that are yet to come true.


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