Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Theme Thursday} Statues

Photo: Theme Thursday schedule Linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday!

As I thought about this week, I didn't really think I had that many statues.  I have yet to start a Mary Garden like the beautiful one Cari has going....probably because I hate gardening.  I always thought it was something you would eventually come to enjoy when you were a grown-up, but I'm 32 and still waiting......

Maybe I'll be a grown up at 35.  So far, the only things I've successfully grown are food, not so great with the flowers (although I've managed to keep a few of the transplants from my aunt alive!). 

So, in looking around my house, I started to realize I have statues EVERYWHERE.   There's the Isabel Bloom (totally a MidWestern thing) concrete statue keeping the corner of my desk company, the old phone shelf full of Willow Tree statues, a very precious assortment indeed, including an angel gifted when I lost Mara and a pregnant mother that was given to me by my husband when I was expecting LB.

However, a few months ago, my grandmother passed away.  When she passed, my aunts went through the arduous process of clearing out years of memories and belongings.  One of the things my father brought back from a cleaning was a few wooden horse statues.  They sat in a curio cabinet in my grandmother's living room.  They now sit in my living room.

The largest of the three wooden horses
LB wanted to be a statue too this morning

Another contender is our holy water font.  As I took a picture of it this morning, our 2 y/o, walked up to it and recited the names of each member of the Holy Family....reason enough that I should really have more holy figures around this house!

Our holy water font
The reason we're always out of holy water....


  1. I don't like gardening either which explains my lack of Mary garden as well. I love the horse and it's story. Things from Grandmothers are near and dear to me.

  2. The horse statue is absolutely spectacular! So much motion captured, what a treasure to have.

  3. I love that horse statue! We've tried holy water fonts but we could never keep water in them either so after awhile we just gave up. Pathetic, I know.

  4. Oh, that horse statue is quite a work of art. So fluid and graceful.

    And your sweet baby reaching into the font? Precious!


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