Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Simple Saturday} A Place to Call Home

Linking up with Iris over at Country Girl's Daybook for a Simple Saturday.

Friday my brother and sister-in-law went from nomad status back to home-owners.  After a cross-country move to be closer to family, listing and selling their house down south, and living with family here, they finally found a house to suit their needs.

It needs work, it's got grit and grime worked into most every surface, but it's got location, square footage and lots of beauty waiting to be reawakened.  This house is going to be the place where my nephews and niece bring prom dates to meet parents, have sleepovers, and build a lifetime of other memories as they transition from tweens to teens to adults.  It has the space to be everything my brother and sister-in-law have been looking for, and I'm so happy for them that they've found it.

Because it's been the kind of week where cleaning all day sounded like a break if I got to do it without the babies, one of my sisters graciously watched kiddos while hubby worked so I could head over to the new place.  We spent the day talking, laughing about the sheer magnitude of cleaning needs, and scrubbing every surface.

After nine hours of pretty continuous effort by two-three people at all times, we got the kitchen livable.  The cabinets need to be painted to seal in the peeling paint and such of yesteryear, but we got a huge jump on the dirtiest room in the house. 

With family all around to help, this is our barn-raising, getting together to help them make a place to call home.

The day included peeling out old contact paper and lots of scrubbing

Note where I stopped scrubbing to capture the magic behind the fridge

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