Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LB Turns 8!

In all the craziness that was July, I took many pictures of LB for her birthday, but never documented them here for future enjoyment.

Waking LB up with the traditional family birthday song

LB leaning down to say good morning to her baby sisters

SP and I at the park for LB's birthday cupcake playdate
The sprinklers at the park

This year, I felt like a total genius (although I really snagged the idea from someone else!).  We decided that instead of a crazy-crafty-stressful-over-the-top party, we would host a "cupcake playdate".  I'm now going to do this every year until LB revolts.

We invited all of our friends to a local park that has a playground and a sprinkler park.  No admission fees, no presents, didn't even rent a shelter.  We threw some blankets on the grass, brought the 7 dozen cupcakes I had baked and watched our kids frolic together while we visited. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N. 

While some friends still brought presents, the idea was so simple and fun and really gets to the meaning of celebrating your birthday - quality time with people you care about.  Loved it, had a great day, will do it again.  Yay for summer birthdays!


  1. So your note about Isabel Bloom above got me thinking and I read a post back... And it looks like you're QCA but on the other side of the river from me. And SB is only 11 days younger than my C. Small world.


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