Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Days - Back at Home

Last year, we took a break from homeschooling LB.  She had such a great experience, but I was thrilled when hubby and I made the decision to bring her back home this year.  While she was enjoying a year at school, I had a hard time not dwelling on the fun times we could be having at home.  All the plays and ballets we missed, the field trips, the co-op classes with local experts, the family bonding, the extra helping hands of a responsible young was a long year for me.  However, one of the best parts was realizing that we WERE doing a good job at home.  LB fit in with ease, she was friendly, made friends and behaved well in class.  She was on pace or ahead of her peers in her subjects and totally at ease in the classroom environment.  It actually made me more at peace with how we were doing at home, so it was worth it in many ways.

Over the summer, LB did some review.  She wasn't a big fan of her review book, so when the homschool books came in the mail last week, I gave her the option; continue the book, or start school early (since the first part of the year is usually review anyway).  She opted to start school.  Here are a few pictures from her first day of third grade! She's getting so big - I vividly remember third grade and can't believe I have a kiddo that age.

Starting with snack at hand

Trying to ignore me and read

Still pretending she can't see me....

Reading out loud to her baby sister

The serious face

The silly face

The sweet face

Inside silly shot

Inside sweet shot :)

So, here we go again, on the adventure of homeschooling.  Each year with LB is a brave new world as she blazes the trail as the oldest.  I know it's only two weeks in, but I'm just so happy we're together.  As we let go of SB, it's nice to have my other babies close at hand.  I am so grateful homeschooling is an option for our family and am so blessed to have a great stay-at-home job and a wonderful husband who is such a good provider.  As he gets revved up for a boys' weekend, I'm going to think about how hard he works.  This should help to get me through the three days on my own....we're going to eat hot dogs, pizza and pancakes :)


  1. Happy school year!! We won't start until after Labor Day this year because of the new baby/csection but I'm looking forward to it <3

    1. Definitely ease your way in - I thought to start after Labor Day too, but Little Bean got book-crazy when she saw the brand new stack from Catholic Heritage Curriculum...she's a little less enamored now, but we're just about finished with week 3!


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