Friday, August 28, 2015

The Last Prayer: Part 2

This is a fictional piece based on my experiences.  I hope you enjoy.  
*trigger warning* child loss, infertility, miscarriage

If time had been slowing down, with the entry of Dr. K, everything now moved at double speed.  Like a general commanding her troops, the hospital suddenly whirled into motion.  

Within moments, Ava was being wheeled up to ultrasound.  There, the technician confirmed the worst case scenario; ruptured ectopic.  Dr. K hovered over the technician, instructing her to call down to the operating room, we were on our way.  As the technician said the words, "ectopic pregnancy", Dr. K bellowed from behind her, "RUPTURED ECTOPIC!"  

This lioness would save Ava's life.

Soon Ava found herself back with Dave in the exam room.  Ava's mother had arrived, and both were close by her side as four nurses struggled to find a vein that hadn't collapsed for an iv.  Ava lost track of the number of times she was poked and prodded, as the needles found no vein strong enough to bear their burden.  Finally, in desperation, a neonatal needle was placed and the race to surgery began.

As Ava was wheeled from the room, she turned with one last look at Dave and said, "Sheesh, I guess my body will do anything to adopt."  Dave managed a small chuckle through his fear as his wife was wheeled out of sight.

In the operating room, Ava was helped onto the operating table.  The nurses tried to talk her through what was going to happen next, but all Ava could focus on was the eminent pain relief of being put under.  As they told her she was going under, the last thing she remembered was their laughter as she said, "About f***ing time."  

to be continued...

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  1. You've definitely got my attention...I look forward to reading more. :)


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