Thursday, August 13, 2015

Homeschool 2015-2016

I've been feeling a lack of motivation, even before the beginning of this school year. Usually this feeling doesn't hit me until February. 

I've been saying things like, "I can just run down to [local Catholic school] and register her..." to my husband. 

Oh, and I'm the president of my local homeschool group this year. *sends all kids to school - has tons of time to be a great president* 😂

With this general feeling of je ne sais quoi, I decided I need to strip the curriculum back to the bones this year. Reading - Writing - Religion - Math. Back to basics, focus on the important things is mantra for the year. Which I will second guess the whole way through I'm sure. I'll just have to avoid Pinterest and all those amazing homeschool pins. 

Here's what this year looks like:

St Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2 *Free from a friend*

Modern Curriculum Press - Level E *Purchased last year when I found a great deal ~ $30*

IEW Writing Level A 
*Borrowing from a friend*

*An extra that I found a deal on and requires nothing from me - LB opens the box and does the whole project and clean up herself ~ $215 for the year's subscription*

So, with the exception of the Green Kid's Crafts, which are pricey enough that I consider them a luxury, my school books for the year for LB are $30. 

Except there's one subject missing - Reading. 

Enter b&w Kindle. Found a great bundle deal on Amazon. It was $85 including tax. (To find it for yourself, stop by your favorite blogger friend with an affiliate link, click through to Amazon and search Kindle for Kids). 

We'll be borrowing books from the library with the Overdrive app and takings advantage of the free classics that can be downloaded as well. 

So what does your school year look like?

Pray for us, we're jumping back in!


  1. Aww...seeing that Baltimore Catechism makes me nostalgic for our homeschooling days (2002-2007)with our youngest son! He's 22 now--and actually, on the phone at this moment with his dad, trying to make a decision about his career path. It all goes so fast!

    Have a great year!!

  2. We start Monday... and I'm quite nervous. I hope we find our rhythm soon!

  3. It's so nice to see that homeschooling can be done inexpensively. I know that's already a concern I have a few years out - there are a ton of great curriculums and supplements out there, but they are so darn expensive!

  4. Your plan sounds great! We're starting the IEW Level A this year as well - I hope it's as fabulous as everyone says!


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