Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Last Prayer: Part 1

This is a fictional piece based on my experiences.  I hope you enjoy.  
*trigger warning* child loss, infertility, miscarriage

"Please, God", she thought.  It was all she could do to form those words, all she could think through the blood and tears.

What had been one blissful day of joy soon became a nightmare.  Ava wove in and out of coherence as she sat under the fluorescent lights of the emergency room.  Across the room, she saw what she thought must be grandparents, holding a coughing toddler.  A school-aged boy threw up in the next row.

Still, they didn't call her name.  She'd told the nurse she was bleeding, that she was pregnant.  She told her the pain stabbed her with every breath.

Still, she waited. 

One hour stretched to two.  Finally, in desperation, she sent Dave away, asking him to find her doctor.  He left her alone in the emergency room in search of her doctor's office across the complex.  "Please come, she's bleeding.  She's in a lot of pain.  They won't see us."

A nurse pulled Ava into an evaluation room, asked her where her pain was.  "Nine." She said calmly, barely conscious of her surroundings. "I was at a six when I brought my leg a few years ago.  This is worse."

The nurse eyed her skeptically, surely a "9" would be screaming, and sent her back to wait in the lobby again.

Dave returned.  Ava's doctor was in surgery, but the office would let her know the situation.

An hour later, things began to blur together.  Conversations became more difficult for Ava to understand.

Finally, after three hours, a nurse ushered her in to an exam room letting Ava know, "the on call doctor has five patients in front of you, then he'll be in to see you."

Ava lay back, in too much pain to do more than close her eyes against the waves of it.

As the nurse left her room, she heard Dr. K come screaming down the hall, "WHERE IS SHE?!"

In that moment, Ava had her first hope someone would save her.

to be continued....


  1. I hope you post the rest soon. Your writing just drew me in and grabbed me.

    1. Thanks! It'll be an ongoing series - trying to filter through and kind of organize my thoughts on the last five years :)

  2. I, too, am very interested to read Part 2! You write so well.

    By the way, you won a copy of Finding Grace in a giveaway months ago at my blog, and I tried to contact you about it; but now I can't even remember if I left a comment on your blog or emailed you. If you're interested, contact me. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I remembered winning, but couldn't remember if we'd been in contact about it :) I couldn't find your email, but mine should be attached to my profile.


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