Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Up Doc?

Talking hormone crashes and mood swings today =D

Last cycle, I had a bad reaction to my hcg injections - an entire day of morning sickness type symptoms before the onset of my new cycle.  It was a really rough, emotionally draining day.

I don't have to tell anyone who's been hoping for a new baby what it is to spend any amount of time thinking you might be pregnant, only to have your new cycle start approximately 3.2 seconds after finally taking the pregnancy test.  Rough, friends.  Rough.

It just cracked me last month.  So much so that I called my NaPro doctor immediately for a consult.  And I'm such a non-interventionist that I really veer more towards not calling when I should....so bad.

Today, I made the four hour round trip to go see my specialist.  We reviewed my hormone levels and decided that a switch from hcg to straight progesterone was warranted.  Turns out, my estradiol was perhaps too high to have hcg be an effective option, so the hope is that oral progesterone (YAY! NO MORE NEEDLES! For now at least.) will do the trick and create a better balance - and fewer side effects.

Aside from the awesomeness of switching from an injection to a pill, that pill costs about 20% of what the injections did, so yay for cost savings!

After some additional talking, my doctor felt that a blood draw to check my thyroid was in order.  Apparently, you shouldn't have to exercise two hours a day to lose any weight?  Is this true?  Who can verify?!  :)

So, right before lunch, on an empty stomach, I had a couple vials of blood drawn.  My face must have shown that the draw made me a little woozy, because the poor sweet nurse was very solicitous. 

Hoping for more answers.  Honestly, a poor test result would be a blessing just to have something to pin this conundrum on.  Seven to ten business days and I should have an answer either way.  Whether that leads to more testing or a treatment plan remains to be seen.

The other bonus:  progesterone is naturally anti-depressant/anti-anxiety, so I'm hoping I'll be back to feeling like my old self again after the rollercoaster of grief and hormonal substitutions.

In related news - 4 of the 5 women I prayed for at the relics of St. Gianna are pregnant! (I'd the be fifth and non-preggo.)  I told my mom that St. Gianna's success rate of 80% is a totally respectable number :)

Happy to have more answers today.  Hopeful that new protocols will yield a happier, more energetic me.  Balanced hormones make a world of difference.


  1. Praying for you <3 (and yay for a reprieve from needles and a proactive approach!)

  2. Oh girl - I really hope that the switch to progesterone works for you! I always have a TON of pregnancy symptoms when I'm on HCG and know your pain! You're in our prayers!

  3. Well I am glad you asked for tests! Here's to hoping the switch leads to even better odds for St. Gianna. At the very least, some normal hormones and less dramatic mood swings!! Many prayers for you!

  4. No more needles! It really sounds like a course correction and tests for more information was warranted. I'll say prayers that you get some answers!

  5. I'm so sorry about the "thinking you might be pregnant only to have your new cycle start approximately 3.2 seconds after finally taking a pregnancy test." I have been there, and it. is. so. hard. And just awful. I'm praying for you very often, and I hope this new course will have better results for you, and help you feel better in the meantime. Praying that St. Gianna will go 5 for 5 ;)

  6. Praying for you always. I adore your honesty and candor around this crazy hard topic. Sending you love and answers!!!

  7. St. Gianna's got a great track record on this and I'm confident her work is not over! Here's to hoping things improve on your end and we can all celebrate together in not too long! :)


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