Friday, June 13, 2014

7 {QTs} Way to Make Yourself Crazy TTC

You know what I'm thinking about right now?  Not much besides that long, long wait between ovulation and the next cycle.  Because when you're Trying to Conceive (TTC), that wait of a few days before the next cycle is approximately three months long in emotional/mental energy.

So, here are seven ways I'm making myself crazy this week....because after 8 years(!) of TTC, I'm actually, really, really good at pysching myself up/out.

So, come join me in the crazy.....because before now, you probably thought I was such a sweet, normal mom who said sweet, heartfelt things.  Nope, certifiable.

Does the crazy show in my eyes?  I thought so.

{1}  Go to this site.  Type in the info, obsess over when you can take a pregnancy test.

{2}  Read all the messages on every one of the fertility groups you follow. 

{3}  Worry about morning sickness on your overseas work trip (insert your summer plans here) that's already been planned.

{4}  Then worry about fertility injections and the logistics thereof for said trip if you're not expecting.

{5}  Review your charts.  A lot.

{6}  Internalize and review every symptom....from that last meal you ate and how it made you feel to the weird stomach spasms to the seasonal allergies.  It's all trying to tell you something! (Like maybe you need some medicine and a nap, but still!)

{7}  Keep it all in.  Don't tell anyone that your mind is going in circles.  Because really, people shouldn't know that you're quite as crazy as me!

For all of you TTC'ers, just know, the mental Olympics you're playing is a game we all play, you're not actually crazy and my truest recommendation is schedule stuff to do that'll keep you busy....or at least marathon watch something on Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu :)

I'm off to do some work this afternoon, then I've got to finish up the Father's Day plans.  Tomorrow includes the Farmer's Market and if I get really desperate for activities, I might actually clean my house, which is in a sore state since I've had a cold and felt yucky all week.

The other best thing you can do is call/text your friend and tell her you've gone to the crazy place.  She'll be super-sympathetic to your craziness, even when she's sitting in the doctor's office for her kiddo's check-up.  (Thanks C!)

And whatever the outcome, I'm sure once my head clears of sinus pressure, everything will seem a little sunnier :)

Linking up with Team Whitaker who are hosting this week's 7QTs.


  1. I just wanted to say I so enjoyed my last letter from you and am praying for you that a little one (or two!) is headed your way. Keep us posted, okay!?!

    1. So glad you got it! Thanks! I'll definitely keep you posted :)

  2. Don't forget about testing way too early just because you happened to get a positive on day 22 that one time..... Every cycle, it's driving me crazy!

    1. Yes! And if I'm late and get a negative, I have the opposite, "well, remember with that first pregnancy, you got a negative on day 32 and a positive on day 37"!

  3. Also this site is like TTC crack --->

    1. That site is ridic. Which means in approximately two weeks, I'll be stalking it.


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