Monday, June 30, 2014

AMT {Vol 10}

This week I'm only 1 day late!  Mostly because I'm procrastinating on folding the next load of laundry.

Linking up with Kendra for Answer Me This!

1.  How often do you take public transportation?

Just a little more than never.  When we travel to cities with trains, we usually make use of them.  Once I used a train to go visit my brother's family across the country.  That was a very long trip.  Lots of flooding re-routed half the trains in the country to our route and we ended up spending something like 10 extra hours on the train.  After that, we drove the 17 hours to visit, usually all in one day, and it was better than that train ride.

2.  How many cousins do you have?

Eight on my mother's side and three on my father's side.  Eleven cousins, but I have eight siblings, so my cousins have a lot more cousins than I do :)

My dad's side of the family

3.  Have you ever fired a gun?

Yes.  For the first time this summer.  I'm actually pretty good with a handgun.  The shotgun was much trickier.

Getting some tips

4.  Do you ride roller coasters?

Yes.  I love roller coasters.  Spinning is something I could do without, but the roller coasters are my friend. 

About to go for a roller coaster ride!

5.  What's you favorite flower?

Lilacs.  I love lilacs.  Their smell is unparalleled and they remind me of my childhood.

6.  Are you allergic to anything?

Bee stings and ragweed.  Seasonal allergies are the pits.  Local, raw honey is doing wonders.  The irony that I'm allergic to bee stings and their honey is helping me with the pollen is not lost on me :)

So.  Much.  Help.

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