Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Theme Thursday} Scary

This week's theme is Scary, and as tempted as I am to post a selfie before my morning ablutions, I think I'll pass on that kind of online glory :)

So, how about a little bit of supervised knife-play:

My nephews and Hubby preparing their strategies

Four giant pumpkins

Stabbing repeatedly

Children with serrated knives

Pausing his call to get to work

Four kids with knives, where should I worry first?

Ok, maybe with that little crazy in the back there

Or maybe with the guy who got out power tools

We survived!

 This morning, I was up bright and early with this little treasure....

So I made this

And, the piece de resistance....playing with flash, shadow, shutter speed...I captured a "scary" face from Sweet Pea.

She just heard words that scare her, nap time!

Stop by Clan Donaldson for more scary fun!


  1. Mmm, is that pumpkin bread? I can almost smell it! And wow, you are so brave and an awesome mom to let them all do jackolanterns. I convinced my kids (again) that it was more fun to color on their pumpkins.

    1. Yes, pumpkin bread. Carving was a harrowing experience - painting sounds much calmer :)

  2. This was hilarious, loved the commentary. My favorite is the sideways pumpkin!

    1. That ended up being the favorite for lots of people, funny thing, the pumpkin wouldn't stand up straight, so that was our solution!


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