Thursday, October 17, 2013

{Theme Thursday} Orange - Pumpkin Patch Pics

I look forward to Thursdays.  Hubby works Tuesday - Saturday, so Thursday is our half-way point.  It's also Theme Thursday over at Clan Donaldson!

As I trust you can read, this week's theme is Orange.

Last week we headed to the pumpkin patch.  I posted a photo-edited shot from that trip for last week's submission, but I saved some shots just to share today.

So, here's a photo recap of our day at the pumpkin patch, and a little orange thrown in as well!  Complete with WAY more pictures than most of you probably want to see of my girls :)

Checking out the grounds

Breakfast time for the goats

Unsure whether she wants to touch them

Grabbing some grain

Pro-goat feeder - thanks to our local zoo :)

First time feeding goats - she's a natural!

Checking out the geese

Trying to speak their language

Thoughtful little baby

Running away

...and again

Hopping a ride on sis

Corn maze!

Look at those flowing locks!

Pat the bunny comes to life

She's captured it!

I remember them looking older in the painting...

 and if that wasn't enough orange for you...

Pumpkins and an orange tint :)


  1. Love the pumpkins with orange tint. And their Halloween outfits! And I love seeing pictures of your girls--what is too much anyway?

  2. Great recap! Excellent pictures!


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