Wednesday, February 5, 2014

{WWRW} and Creighton Updates

Monday night, we drove another 3-hour roundtrip to meet with our Creighton Model instructor.  Having learned the basics of two methods already, I'm feeling like a remedial student because much of it is review.

I have to just keep reminding myself of the efficacy of the model in achieving pregnancy.......our kids are super cute, that's GOT to be motivation!

And they're cool kids too!
So, we're still driving at least three more times for follow-ups and then we're hoping to start web chatting for follow-ups.  Here's hoping we can find the triggers for my super-low fertility and work towards healing my body.  Thank you for all your prayers and love!

My first read for What We're Reading Wednesday was a purchase directly related to our new practice of the Creighton model.  (The first month requires abstinence to set a baseline and then there are continued periods of abstinence for low fertility to increase likelihood of conceiving.) 

The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning
When you're of low fertility, there can certainly be a different dynamic in marriage from a couple actively practicing NFP.  So, to get a little emotional support for a different season of life, I bought Simcha's book, The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

The book, as the title suggests, is a good, practical guide to living a more peaceful, grace-filled NFP marriage.  Her humor was really my favorite part....well, that and the oh-so-practical tone.  I get the feeling from reading it that she's the kind of friend to whom you can speak frankly, deeply, personally.

She GETS it!  The dichotomy of the beautiful, flowery brochure of NFP and married life versus the practice and use in real married life was something she pulled out with such humor and realism.  She also gave such practical advice to grow in holiness and kindness through practicing NFP. 

Get it, read it, be renewed in your commitment to live in the fullness of truth and union with the Church.  Seriously.

BookCoverThe other book I read this week was Teaching in Your Tiara.  My overall impression is that I picked up this book four years later than I should have. In my defense, the book came out May 2013. 

I started homeschooling four years ago and I was the only person in my family who's ever done that.  I was concerned that I wouldn't do it right, that I would forever scar my daughter and that I was generally ruining everyone's life.  She was FOUR.

This book is a gift for any homeschooler.  The first half of the book especially is very practical, how-to-begin oriented.  I thought perhaps I wouldn't like the book, but I kept reading.....and discovered it had so much more to offer than just a how-to-begin primer. 

It was also kind of a walk through a lot of concerns I'd had in the past and her reasonable, humor-filled voice really reassured me.  It's always nice to read that you weren't the only one who went through something.....from the curriculum debate to the concern about less-than-enthusiastic family members.

Perhaps my favorite section was worrying about whether or not homeschooling would make your child weird.  The answer?  Yes, yes they'll likely be weird because the kind of parent that chooses to homeschool is likely to the side of mainstream....well played Rebecca, well played.

This is the kind of book that new homeschoolers should read as part of that initial research phase, but it also has a lot of sound advice and camaraderie to offer the more experienced homeschooler.  In all, such an excellent book.

I loved both my books this week and I think you should read them too!

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  1. I enjoyed both of these books as well! So funny you and Jessica both read Teaching in Your Tiara this week.

    1. Yes, I thought it was funny we both picked the same week for it as well :)

  2. Praying for you! And yes, your kids are extremely cute (and definitely resemble one another!). Great little motivators.


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