Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{Five Favorites} {WWRW} Dr. Allen Hunt

This weekend, Hubby and I were blessed to have an opportunity to step outside the normal routine and attend a retreat focused on marriage.  It was hosted by Dynamic Catholic.  If you haven't heard about this group and the wonderful things they're doing in the Church, click on the link. right. now.  Evangelism is alive in the Church and the Holy Spirit is setting people on fire through their work.

We attended Passion and Purpose for Marriage with Dr. Allen Hunt.  He gave a series of three talks.  From my favorite talk, here are the 5 Things Women Need to Know about Men:


Men need respect more than love.


Men need to provide.


Men need sexual intimacy (this, my friends, is the point that will make your husband feel like it was a day well spent!)


Men do love, even when the don't communicate it well.


Men do know the most beautiful word (love).

On the way home from the talk, I read Everybody Need to Forgive Somebody, about book by Dr. Allen Hunt. The link will take you to a free copy (+$5.95 shipping) from Dynamic Catholic.  While you're there, browse the site, there's some great content.

In, Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody, you read the stories of 11 real people who have experienced the grace of forgiving or being forgiven in their lives.  Each chapter ends with discussion questions, as well as concrete ways you can implement forgiveness in your life.  For example, one way you can be an instrument of forgiveness is to carry a crucifix in your pocket to remind you of the forgiveness coming down on you.

One of the most moving stories (they're all pretty moving!) is the story of a woman who leaves her husband and has an affair.  Her husband actively loves and forgives her even through this time, so that after about a year, she wakes up one day and realizes the grave error she's made.  Her husband welcomes her back into the family and they pick up their lives again.  He offers her immediate forgiveness and never brought the matter up again.

This story truly stunned me that someone could be so loving, so forgiving, especially in a society that so easily discards the hard or uncomfortable.

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For a chance to listen to the talks I heard this weekend, consider purchasing the talks through Dynamic Catholic - here

To win 5 Things Women Need to Know (the first talk) - enter here!  Giveaway ends February 26th.

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  1. I love those 5 things! I am a major grudge holder so forgiveness is one of the things I work on a lot. I have really seen the soul healing benefits of being able to truly forgive, it is so freeing.

  2. This is a great 5 things. I have to remind myself so many times that my husband just doesn't think the way I do! When I can remember that, I am such a better wife.

  3. That sounds like a great retreat to go on. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing the giveaway, I'd love to hear them!

  4. Great reminder!! Thanks, dear, for sharing and for offering the give-a-way! What fun!!

  5. The retreat you went on sounds great! My hubby and I have never been to a marriage retreat. We weren't impressed at all with our Engaged Encounter weekend, so we've never tried anything else! Would love to win the CD :)

    1. Yes, it was great. We only get away from the kids every 5 years or so :)

  6. Forgiveness for an affair is something I like to imagine I "could" do if I had to, then I'll have a nightmare that there was an affair and wake up angry at my poor husband. "But I didn't do anything!" Well, in my dreams he has been quite the philanderer. I'm sure there's some weird meaning in that.

    1. Poor hubby! I know what you mean about waking up angry from dreams though!


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