Friday, February 21, 2014

{7QTs} Plopping, Sleeping, and More

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 {1}  I'm trying out plopping after Jenna shared a post on Fine Linen and Purple about it.

Those hairs I didn't tuck in all the way are probably going to look weird

It's been in about 15 minutes and I'm going to take it out for the last take, because, really, if it takes any longer than that, it's not something I'll do regularly.  I'm a wash and wear kind of gal...I've surrendered to a wilder-than-usual mane and made my piece (mostly) with it.

{2}  I took about six photos before I got one I was willing to post.  Why?  They don't look that much different, they're all still me.  Maybe those Amish have something to it with the no pictures, just one more way to make ourselves a little crazier.  For instance, I'm now wondering if perhaps my left eye (right in pic) isn't bigger than my right....and someone remind me of this picture the next time I'm considering a new hair cut and can't figure out what face shape I have!

{3}  I'm a world class sleeper.  Time was, I probably could have medaled in it.  But, the last couple months, I CANNOT sleep.  I don't drink caffeine all day, I avoid naps so I'm tired, I exercise, I eat pretty well, but still, I go to bed exhausted and I'm up several times a night, just up, looking around, not to go to the bathroom or anything, just laying there in bed, staring at the walls.

My only thought is perhaps it's to do with the loss of Sweet Baby.  Did anyone else experience insomnia with a loss?  Or am I going crazy?  Or are my sleeping days over? 

{4} My Creighton book says something about insomnia as PMS symptom, but mine is a little more constant.  And speaking of Creighton, I'm going to schedule an appointment to see the Creighton Fertility specialists.  After charting and reading, I think there is something going on that might have a solution.  I'm anxious about making the appointment, going to the appointment, and what we'll uncover, so please keep me in your prayers.

{5}  As a result of learning the Creighton model, I bought Simcha's book and loved it.  So much so, I'm thinking of giving away a copy in celebration when I finally hit my first 100 "likes" on my Facebook page (small accomplishments are still accomplishments!).  I'm only 10 could happen :)  What do you think, would people be interested in such a prize?  Or has everyone already purchased their amazing copy?

{6}  Speaking of giveaways, I'm having one right now (ends Wednesday, Feb 26th) for a CD with a talk by Dr. Allen Hunt.

{7}  Okay, taking off my weird turban-esque do to see what happened (to the credit of my 8 y/o, she walked out of the bathroom to see me sporting my shirt on my head and said not one word....we're cultivating personal style/creativity in these parts!)

Here's the first picture I took:

Then I noticed that my husband's dresser was piled with all the folded clothes that have yet to be put away.  So I took six more, of course, and here's what I got:

The verdict?  My hair looks like this when it air dries.  After the shower, I squeeze out excess water and add mousse, crunch it up and leave it alone...then this happens.  (Thanks for the genes Mom and Dad!)  After I removed my turban, I flipped my hair upside down, scrunched it and then took a picture....or seven.  I might try this a couple more times to see if wrapping it differently helps, or maybe the point is for it to dry faster?  I think this might be great for someone with thick/heavy wavy/curly hair.  The tutorial says something about the negative effects of gravity on the curls.  Since I've had children, I have very fine, fine hair (which is unusual for redheads, usually we have fewer, but thicker hairs) so I'm not really fighting gravity more than my mousse can manage.  I do like however, that my hair was out of the way while drying and it seems to have dried faster.

Try it and let me know what happens to you!  I'm about to go out in a wind storm to take my kids to the museum, so this is the last it won't look like a rat's nest!


  1. Your hair is so pretty! And I just devoured Simcha's book, it was so good. Did you see her recent post about progesterone cream? That one really blew my mind too!

    1. Thanks! I did read the progesterone article, and now I am convinced that I need to schedule something with the NaPro docs a couple hours from us :)

  2. Looks so cute! I'm a wash-and-throw-into-a-ponytail gal myself... and I think my hair has pretty well given up on me. Even when I try to do something nice with it, it's quite adamant that a ponytail is.the.only.way.

    Have not yet read Simcha's book... you could skip the giveaway and just send a copy to meeeeee ;)

    1. Once I cut my hair short and a friend remarked, what about the ponytail? I generally start with my hair down and it gets in my face bending down to pick up toys, change diapers, etc :)

  3. Annery, you are really beautiful! Drop the worries about eye size etc. - they're put in your head by the enemy who hates us all. An about not sleeping: my guess is that it DEFINITELY is related to the trauma you've gone through. I had a traumatic situation in my life about 10 years ago which led to about 4 hours of sleep a night (at best) for a year or two. Happily, since time has passed, I don't even remember how long that period of time lasted! But I DO remember how it became bearable: I used my awake time to pray - no matter how long I was awake, I spent the entire time praying about everything and everyone. Interestingly, research has shown that prayer produces the same type of rest for your physical body that sleep does, so you don't even need to worry about how much you're not sleeping if you spend that time praying.

    1. Thanks! Such a great reminder to say a prayer when I wake up - thank you :)

  4. Try also to target being asleep by 10. There is evidence that that is the time you naturally feel sleepy. If you miss that window, it's another 2-3 hours to hit the aural sleepy mark.


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