Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Growing Baby

Life has continued at the frenetic pace for much of this month.  Today marks the 37 week mark for my pregnancy - otherwise known as full-term. 

Since Little Bean was frank breech (not coming out, no way, no how), I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks to confirm this little one's positioning.  The ultrasound confirmed that she was indeed head down and ready for action, but it also showed that she was measuring about a week and a half behind, with an especially small stomach. 

As a result of the developmental delay, I've started having non-stress tests twice a week.  My husband has not tired of telling me not to "stress" during my test every time I mention them.  I think it's a sign of the grace from all the people praying for the baby and I that I haven't shown him the true lack of humor I find in that comment.....yet.

The non-stress tests have looked good so far.  My next one is scheduled for this Friday, with an ultrasound and a non-stress test on Tuesday.  Wednesday I'll go back to the doctor for her to interpret the results.  As she put it at today's appointment, "I don't want to induce you for a VBAC, but I will if I have to".  It is my ardent prayer that baby makes a move before an induction becomes necessary.

Last Friday, I sent a prayer request out to my homeschool community asking for prayers for baby and the hope to avoid an induction.  Today the doctor said I seem to be measuring larger and I've been having an increase in "warm-up exercises" in the form of contractions since Saturday afternoon.  I'd say the prayers are in effect.  Please keep the prayers coming.  I believe in miracles....and this pregnancy has exhibited quite a few :)

And now, a few pictures from last month....because it seems I am perpetually behind!

SB's Easter basket

LB happy with a bunny

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Easter morning

An early morning hunt at our house

Searching for eggs at Grandma's

With her prize

LB and me

The fam


Both girls' baskets

LB's basket
In other important news, LB is graduating to the big gym in gymnastics.  For the last two years, she's been in the beginner's gym, but she is moving on up this summer!  Monday will mark her last day in the little gym.  She is VERY excited and we're looking forward to more heart-stopping tricks being learned next year :)

Practicing on the uneven bars
I am also looking forward to Mother's Day this weekend....and my younger brother's graduation from college.  It's going to be an exciting weekend!  Not the least of which is me REALLY hoping I'm getting the new camera I asked for as a combined Mother's Day/birthday present :)

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