Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoo Hunt and Jar Painting

We live near a really great zoo.  As members, we got to participate in an Easter Egg the day before Easter.  We made a day of it and had a great time at the zoo.  Our adventure in picture-form:

Another recent development in our house is LB's allowance.  We've done the allowance thing on and off in the past, but this time we're trying to be consistent and get chores done. 

She's getting $4/week if she gets 10 checks on her chore chart.  Her chores include; helping with little sis, vacuuming, cleaning her room and taking down laundry.

To start the process off with a bang, I gave her mason jars to paint for sorting her allowance.  It gets divided into Spend, Save and Donate jars - with $1 in Save, $1 in Donate and $2 in Spend each week.

Her first Spend purchase was a PS3 game called "Fat Princess" (it involves feeding a princess cake and is something like Capture the Flag) that she was able to get with a combination of Easter $ and allowance. 

We'll see how the process goes :)

Five more weeks and I'll be at my due date.  I'm hoping to make it until at least the 19th, but after that I'll probably start to get impatient.  Please let me know of any prayer intentions you have that I can use as offerings during labor.

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