Monday, January 23, 2012

The Theater, Knitting and Life

It's been a while.....I blame work :)  I've been busy the last couple weeks finishing up a big project and am taking a quick break from another project to blog a little.  The work has led to some late nights, but I am overall very grateful for the ability to work (mostly) from home and add to the family coffer while my husband learns the ropes of his new commission-only position.  Without a guaranteed paycheck every pay period, it's nice to have some checks of my own to sock into the savings account to get us through the next couple months.  According to all the experienced sales reps, and my husband's boss, the first 6 months to a year are generally rough, but after that, life starts to click a little more.  We're hanging in there, thanks to my work and a frugal nature born of being raised in a one-income family with 8 siblings.

It's hard to believe it's been about 9 months since my husband was laid off.  Life definitely looks different and I am continually reminded of God's faithfulness in providing for us...even when it means I'm working into the night, it is God's providence that the work is there for me to do.

The pregnancy continues to go well.  Our little girl is getting more and more active....although I swear she is playing possum every time my husband tries to feel her kick.  She'll be moving around like crazy, his hand goes on my belly.....NOTHING!  She's playing hard to get already :)

I'm starting to kick names around with my hubby and LB, but I think we're going to have to get a look at her before any naming can really happen.  What if she looks nothing like the name we were thinking?  What if it doesn't fit her disposition? 

I'm still struggling with the idea of sending LB to school next year.  She is very much against it.  I think in some ways it might be good for her, but part of me really doesn't want to send her.  The plan for now is to fill out the paperwork and continue to be open to the possibility.  The answer doesn't always show up right when you ask the question, after all.

Last weekend, we went to see Anne of Avonlea at the theater.  It was a Christmas outing with my m-i-l, s-i-l and LB.  LB had a great time.  She was a little star-struck.  As we were leaving, she said quietly, "I wish I'd gotten their autographs".  Well, we turned around and she got the young Anne and teenage Anne to sign her program.

This weekend, we also got out one of LB's Christmas presents.  I've been slow in getting them out since Christmas, but it does make it fun to have different things each week, I think. 

Well, the present that LB has been urging me to open since Christmas Day was her knitting machine.  I finally got the yarn wound and the machine set and she went away to work at making her very first pair of leg warmers.

Now I just have to figure out the directions for getting it off the machine and she'll be able to start the second one.....but first, more work while she does her math, spelling, reading and history :)

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