Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big News!

I have reached the 20 week mark....and that means we finally went in for our ultrasound yesterday. 

Before my appointment, I was pretty sure we were having a boy.  I've felt pretty good the whole pregnancy and was miserably sick with LB for nine months.  Right before my appointment, I was getting ready and brushing my other preggos may know, teeth brushing can be dicey with the increased gag reflex.  Well, before yesterday, I had not done more than gag when brushing my I said, before yesterday.

I lost my breakfast right before my appointment and with an upset stomach from getting sick, I didn't feel much like eating again right before the ultrasound.  As a result, baby wasn't very active.  The ultrasound tech even asked me if I'd eaten that morning the baby was so lazy!  I told her yes, but I'd gotten sick, so baby might not have had a chance to get much. 

After losing my breakfast, I thought perhaps I was wrong and it could be a girl.  The baby continued to hide through most of the appointment, with legs crossed and all!  At the very end, the tech did some additional manipulating and told us that she couldn't see anything obvious (meaning she thought it was a girl).  She kept looking and repeated herself that she couldn't see anything obvious.  At this point, I asked her if that meant there was a 60% chance it was a girl, or maybe a 70% chance?  She responded that she felt like it was more of a 90% chance.

So, we are most likely going to have another little girl running around our place next summer....unless we had a very shy boy who was offended at our invasion of his privacy :)

I feel like after two girls (LB and SB), I've got the girl thing down and can handle it again.  I think my husband was leaning towards he put it, "a girl would be easier, but a boy would be nice".  I told him we can try again....although at the rate we're going, they're going to be marking "advanced maternal age" on the birth certificate of the one after this!  We both knew we would love whichever we got, but I am definitely excited for LB to get a sister - especially with SB's future undetermined, it's nice to know LB will always have a little sister to doll up :)

With the big news out of the way, here are some funny shots from this week:

Working on math

The sweet smell of a Book-It! pizza

Gaining a new love of reading through pizza

20 week belly

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