Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Bean Turns 6!

It's official....sooner rather than  later I'm going to have to stop calling LB my "baby".  I can't believe how fast time has gone!

Six years ago I was negotiating the nuances of a brand new baby......we're now navigating the nuances of a brand new puppy.  Although we would've preferred about three more babies by now, the puppy was under our control :)

Still working on more babies....more on hormones, new workouts and healthy eating in another on to pictures of my sweet girl!

Playing with new toys

Eating dessert!

Check out my new bed tent!

Sitting in her new chair with her new puppy


Relaxing after dessert

Cocoa with his "stuffie"

Apparently erasers are now the rage as toys

Presents with a giftcard from Great-Grandma

Presents from mom and dad (us)

Is that a spider-pig on your card?

Blowing out candles from the birthday cheesecake

Here puppy, puppy!

Opening the bed tent

A new electric toothbrush :)

Happy with all her presents!

Cocoa on the run

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