Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whirlwind Wedding - Part 1

Part of the amazing thing about being in a family of nine children is the number of milestones we celebrate as a family.  This summer, there are many, many milestones.  Yoda (little sister; #8) graduated from high school, Cinca (little sister; #5) got married last weekend and Ducky (little brother; #6) is getting married in August.

Here is the first installation from Cinca's wedding:

LB took this picture of herself

I find LOTS of these pics on my camera after a long car trip

Tuckered out from traveling

A sleepy cousin en route to the wedding

How much of travel time passes

The future of our family get-togethers

Getting ready for a rehearsal

We're in line - now what?

Ok - now we're in line back here!

Practicing the seating of the parents

Practicing the ceremony

A practice exchange of vows

....that they memorized :)

Practicing the ring exchange

Ladies in waiting :)

Pretend there's a long train there!

The practice exit

One last look at single life :)

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