Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sewing 101 - Day 3/Finishing the Project

 So here's something I haven't mentioned yet that's worth noting........mistakes happen.  Sewing machine malfunction, operator error, lots of things can thwart your efforts.  Here, the tension on my bobbin was off.  So, ripping out the seam is the way to go.
 Once I finished fixing my seam, it's time to the loose threads.  Here pictured, the pocket seam has loose threads.  I pulled the threads to the back of the garment and tied the strings in a knot.  After that, snip the long ends.

When you're sewing, the bobbin (little round spool in bottom of sewing machine) thread is on the back of the garment and the needle thread is on the front.  Pull the thread on the back and a little loop from the front will pull up.  Pull that thread through to the back and you'll be able to tie the threads and snip.
 Pinning things together is  a good idea, especially when it's coming down to the final few pieces and you're getting closer to what the finished project will look like.  Here, I have pinned the waistband onto the skirt to make sure it's centered before I started sewing it together.
 After pinning the bottom and sewing, I pinned the waistband to the top and it's all ready for sewing!
 This apron is for my new niece, so I added a little something to the pockets.  I was excited to find my bedazzler, and her pockets will now be sparkly :)  Other embellishments could have been buttons, ribbon or another fun trim.
Here's the finished product!  I made my sister a matching one to go with this one (minus the bedazzling) and now I have the wedding present all ready!

Now to get packing.....

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