Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation and MI

This Memorial Day weekend was quite the big event in my extended family.  My second youngest sister, aka #8, graduated from high school.  It was such a great ceremony and we're all so proud of her :)

She's a beautiful young woman and I'm selfishly glad she's staying in the area a little while longer for her college.

The morning after graduation, I headed off with my mom, Little Bean and two of my sisters for a trip to Michigan to visit family.  My grandfather's birthday was over the Memorial Day holiday, so we visited a veteran for Memorial Day and his birthday.  The trip included lots of extended family and even a trip to the beach, which despite the cold water, LB got in and waded for hours!

My husband is supposed to be getting a call-back for an interview in his area of expertise this week - as always - prayers welcome :)  I've got all the intentions I've been forwarded on my list, but if anyone has any other intentions, please send them my way. 

"I'll pray for you, and you'll pray for me and together we can reach...."

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