Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sweet Pea Turns 3!

June 6th was SP's 3rd(!) birthday. 

We celebrated the birthday festivities at Mount Olympus in Wisconsin Dells. 

Road trip to the Dells!

LB taking a turn on the giant swings. 

That face totally captures how Hubby feels about spinning in circles :)

SP was big enough to ride some of the rides by herself this year!

Vacations require selfies :)

I drew the short straw for the teacup-type ride. 

I got to vacation wth these cool people!

At the end of our first day. 

They were pretty in love with the bunk beds.  Epic hotel room - 4 beds (bunk bed and 2 queen sized beds) for less than $200/night including park admission. 

Our side of the room :)

Their beds immediately became a fort. 

LB was tall enough to drive the big go karts this year! Six more years until driving is an every day deal :)

This one is still a ride-along. 

We're a little worried about her driving. 

After a drive - she was pretty happy with herself. 

Gave Hubby his Father's Day present early so they could sport them around the park. 

I told her we were going to ride - this was her reaction. 

Mandatory trip to Paul Bunyan's. 

She ate a TON!

On my birthday, we wore coordinating shirts (my bday is June 5). 

Bagels and cream cheese are her very favorite - especially with "coffee" aka hot chocolate. 

Early morning selfies. 

The first of a long line of embarrassing pre-teen moments. 

Really, the most important thing was having some birthday caffeine - mocha for the win. 

This was LB's last year being short enough for this ride :)

This was a giant trolley that - shockingly - SP was short enough to ride herself. Luckily LB went with. 

Her legs were worn out - and Hubby was complimented on this shirt. 

Out for my birthday dinner. 

Which was free-ninety-free thanks to LB telling the cashier it was my bday. We made sure to tell her how awesome that was :)

Last picture of my 2 y/o!

With the request to, "take a picture of my foot, Mom!"

After she woke to the birthday song, it was present time!

Flying off to breakfast. 

Milk is her favorite food. 

And pancakes. 

It was a great third birthday - and good news! That magic tantrum switch clicked on right on schedule. My new hashtag for her shots is #threeisathriller - because surviving this year will be a thrill! 

Three is such a mash up of tantrums of independence and awesome milestones. It's such a ride of highs and lows, it's sure to be a trip!


  1. Love the matching shirt shots of you and Sweet Pea! You two are adorable!!!

  2. Happy belated to Sweet Pea!! I am only 2 weeks into a 3 year old but it sure is keeping me on my toes. Looks like a wonderful birthday weekend for both of you!!

  3. Ok that hotel room ROCKS! I'm so jealous. :)


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