Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What We've Been Up To: An Instagram Recap

Lent was a really hard season for me this year.  My main spiritual goal was to really find peace in the size of my family right now, as is.  To find a place of contentment where I was doing my best in all things, but not pushing against some of the natural confines of right now (ie infertility).

I vacillated my whole way through Lent going back and forth between peace and grief and came out on the other side of Easter feeling new and clean and revived.  Walking a hard road led to a place where now I'm feeling more peace than I have in the last few years.  Grief still sneaks in, and has a place in this time of healing and growing, but I am feeling grace in my life.  I credit lots of intercessory prayers for that, and I thank you.

As the world outside has come back to life, the speed of life has increased.  If you're over on IG, you may have seen a few of these, but here's a recap of what antics and celebrations we've been up to at our place.  I pray your Easter season is blessed and if you have any special intentions, please send me an email, leave a comment, or post to my FB page and I'll keep you in my intentions.

Celebrating this guy's birthday!

Participating in a Saint Doll Swap with 19 other mamas

 Sweet Pea loves them, she calls them her "Mary Dolls"

So. Much. Raking.

But it looks so great!

All that space was just missing a fire pit

I used some leftover pavers and about 8 hours to get a great little hangout

 We also decided to tackle organizing the attic this spring


Which included bringing this solid wood table up the attic stairs.  By myself.
I like to give my guardian angel a heart attack occasionally.

Then I got to cleaning the kitchen up for the new table.
Which I thought was supposed to arrive Monday, April 13th.
I read the paper wrong.
It's going to be here Monday, April 20th.
I'm not moving the old table up and down the attic stairs again.
We're eating in the living room for a week.

So what are you up to?  My summer goals include:
  • The fire pit
  • Fixing the front gate on the fence
  • Cleaning up the yard
  • Seeding the bare spots in the yard
  • Moving the shed across the yard
  • Cleaning out the attic
  • Sorting through stored items for donations
  • Moving the sewing supplies up to the attic


  1. Your spring motivation is inspiring!

    1. I am on a mission! A bit of good news was getting a call from the freight company that the table and chairs are in and delivery was set for Thursday morning, so only a couple more days without a kitchen table!


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