Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Recap {Take 3}


This summer totally got away from me - in keeping with the "scrapbooking" part of my blog - here are some pictures that probably only my mom wants to see, you're welcome!

This girl turned 2 on June 6th!

She's a fashionista!
Loves a good hat!
Started gymnastics this year

Went for runs with Mom

Had a serious love affair with that binkie

Doesn't care for water - but we're working on it!

Doesn't like loud noises

Her happy place

Loves hot chocolate

*Sometimes* listens at gymnastics

Checked out her first 3-D movie

Still loves hats
And the new playset Dad built for her

Her party:



Those boots are her favorite thing ever - when they got too small, I had to hide them away

And the most special present SP got for her birthday was a birthday buddy cousin!

My precious niece at a couple hours old


  1. You look absolutely stunning in that last photo. Glowing beautiful!

  2. What a fun summer. Cousins are the best. Birthday buddy cousins are even better! Your niece looks like a peanut, how big was she?


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